"My son has been training with Shane Cronin over the past couple of years in preparation for the baseball season.  Shane definitely provides a positive environment for learning and improving.  His passion, love and knowledge of the sport clearly provides the foundation for his ability to work with these young men.  Shane focuses on the basic fundamentals, and proper mechanics that lead to improvement through hard work and practice. He also focuses on the mental side of the sport and helps our son build his confidence and focus that is critical to improving his game.  Our son continues to train with Shane and wishes that could work with more with him between practices.  I would recommend Shane to anyone whose child is willing to work, listen and train with a coach that is clearly passionate for the game of baseball." 
Dan Nako


"I absolutely recommend Shane Cronin to anyone whose child wants to improve his baseball game. An excellent teacher who combines his knowledge and skill in the game of baseball with an outstanding rapport with kids, Shane clearly gives a lot of thought to teaching all aspects of the game. Our son loves training with him and his game has improved dramatically. In the world of children’s sports Shane Cronin is a rare find – a knowledgeable, gifted and positive coach." 
Karen K.


“My son has had a great time practicing with Shane.  He has learned everything from how to correctly throw the ball and locate pitches, to the finer points of positions.  His understanding of the game has improved and he is a confident hitter.  Shane is one of the best coaches we have come across.”
Jeff Jones


"Shane Cronin has been coaching my 11 year old son Christopher for the past few months. 

In that short time Christopher's pitching, hitting and fielding have improved significantly. 

Shane has helped me to understand what good mechanics look like and why. 

I have coached little league teams for the past few years but feel that I will now be able to

help my players improve in the coming seasons.  Shane's instruction includes game situations

and scenarios that help a team perform better.  However, the thing that I appreciate most

about working with Shane is his true love and understanding of the sport, his positive

approach to coaching and his excitement when he sees Christopher improving."
Glenn Dierkes


“Shane has been beyond helpful in helping my son Cole with his Baseball skills.  Cole is a generally good athlete, but he came to Shane after having a few others work with him and feeling like he wasn’t improving.  Shane was able to really teach Cole to focus on what he was doing right so he could repeat it. I really like that Shane has worked both on physical skills (motor mechanics of throwing) as well as the mental aspect of sports. I believe this latter aspect to be most useful to Cole in his life, and I find it especially valuable. Cole has been able to transfer many of the skills Shane teaches him about focusing onto the field and into his daily life.  Cole just loves going to the training sessions with Shane.”  
Jody Steere  March 2011


My son Cooper is 10 years old and has made dramatic improvements in his hitting and pitching in the short time that we have been working with Shane.  I can’t say enough good things about the instruction that he’s received and the relationship that he and Shane have developed.  Shane is a good man with vast baseball knowledge and most importantly knows how to work with kids and motivate them.  I recommend him to anyone who wants instruction for their kids.  He’ll make the best baseball players better or dramatically bring up the ability level for kids who are struggling.
Stuart Thieme


“Shane has helped Troy take his pitching skills to a new level. It's been fun to see Troy get better and better after each lesson. Shane really knows how to communicate with younger players, and he really helps them understand the mechanics of pitching.

As a coach, I've been able to pick up tips from Shane on how to help the kids out on the ball field. He's been a great asset to our little league team!"


“Our son Austin during this last spring had a great experience with having Shane Cronin work with him on improving some fundamentals skills in Baseball. Austin has played Catcher, Infield and Outfield and was moved all around the field, and he

wanted to be the main Catcher for his team. Shane’s professional knowledge, experience and great attitude with the kids, made our son truly enjoy the training with him. He took the time to relate to him and explained concepts in a very easy way to understand. Shane mainly worked with Austin on Catching and Hitting, Austin hit his first Home Run this season and was not

only the Team’s main Catcher, he also was one of the catchers for an All-Star Team as well. We will highly recommend Shane, to anyone who wishes to improve their kid’s baseball and have a 'Very Positive' experience along the way."
Gordon & Fiorella












My 11yo son has been taking one-on-one private lessons with Shane in preparation for his Majors Little League season. What I appreciate most about Shane’s methods is his demeanor and ability to really connect with his players. I believe he has the ability to not only correct baseball mechanics (hitting, fielding, and pitching) but also the mental mechanics a young player needs to be successful. It really takes a special teacher to be able to do both those things well. I’ve seen such great improvements in my son’s mechanics and his confidence in the game. We’re looking forward to a great season this year! 

Dr.Wisanu Charoenkul