Led by former Div 1 player Liz Spencer 

We believe technical development is key to every players success. Improving skills, fitness, strength, endurance can be challenging for any athlete. Building these skills as a player improves soccer skills, reduces injury and increases enjoyment on the field. It's our goal to provide quality training so that each player is fit, strong and able to play at a high level for the entire game! Class curriculum and coaching, progresses each class and creates high quality training sessions, where athletes see results!

Soccer Sports Performance Class

November 8th - December 13th 

6:00- 7:00

COST $99

This fun, age appropriate, non-competitive league is coached by Liz Spencer

Providing an exciting start to team Soccer. Games are played on a small indoor field that will develop ball mastery, teamwork and understanding of the game. Recommended for both the novice and experienced young player.

Each class will begin with warm-up and training session, approximately 20 minutes. Training sessions include development technical skills of passing, shooting, dribbling and positions.

Followed with 30 minutes of games.

 6 week Winter session

November 7th - December 12th

 Wednesdays 11:00-11:50

4 - 5 year olds


Cost $99 per participant

Liz Spencer comes highly qualified. She will be working with athletes on the technical/tactical parts of soccer. 

U.S. Soccer National “B” License

Division 1 Player at Oregon State University

Nationally Board Certified & Masters in Teaching

Contact: spencersportstraining@gmail.com